List of Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) or Enterprises in Kerala

List of Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) or Enterprises in Kerala

1. Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Limited (H)

2. Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Limited

3. Kerala Financial Corporation

4. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited

5. Kerala Urban & Rural Development Finance Corporation Limited

6. The Kerala Land Development Corporation Limited

7. Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation Limited

8. Kerala State Film Development Corporation Limited

9. Kerala State Warehousing Corporation

10. The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited

11. Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

12. Kerala Tourism Infrastructure Limited

13. Bekal Resorts Development Corporation Limited

14. Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation Limited

15. Kerala State Power and Infrastructure Finance Corporation Limited

16. Kerala Police Housing and Construction Corporation Limited

17. Roads & Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Limited

18. Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited

19. Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited

20. Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited

21. The Kerala Ceramics Limited

22. Kerala Clays & Ceramic Products Limited

23. The Kerala Minerals & Metals Limited

24. Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited

25. Malabar Cements Limited

26. The Pharmaceutical Corporation (IM) Kerala Limited

27. The Travancore Cements Limited

28. The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Limited

29. Travancore Titanium Products Limited

30. Kerala State Mineral Development Corporation Limited

31. The Travancore Sugars & Chemicals Limited

32. Malabar Distilleries Limited

33. Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Company Limited

34. United Electrical Industries Limited

35. Traco Cable Company Limited

36. Transformers and Electricals Kerala Limited

37. Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited

38. Keltron Electro Ceramics Limited

39. Keltron Component Complex Limited

40. The Metal Industries Limited

41. SAIL-SCL Kerala Limited

42. Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited

43. Steel Industrials Kerala Limited

44. Kerala State Construction Corporation Limited

45. Kerala Automobiles Limited

46. Steel and Industrial Forgings Limited

47. Autokast Limited

48. Forest Industries (Travancore) Limited

49. The Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Limited

50. Kerala Forest Development Corporation Limited

51. Kerala Livestock Development Board Limited

52. Meat Products of India Limited

53. Oil Palm India Limited

54. The Plantation Corporation of Kerala Limited

55. Rehabilitation Plantations Limited

56. State Farming Corporation of Kerala Limited

57. Kerala State Horticultural Products Development Corporation Limited

58. Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation Limited

59. Kerala Feeds Limited

60. Aralam Farming Corporation (Kerala) Limited

61. Kerala State Textile Corporation Limited

62. Sitaram Textiles Limited

63. Foam Mattings (India) Limited

64. Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Limited

65. Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Limited

66. Kerala State Hand loom Development Corporation Limited

67. The Kerala State Coir Corporation Limited

68. Kerala Khadi & Village Industries Board

69. The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Limited

70. The Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (SUPPLYCO)

71. Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation Limited

72. Kerala Medical Services Corporation Limited

73. Kerala Artisans Development Corporation Limited

74. Kerala School Teachers & Non Teaching Staff Welfare Corporation Limited

75. Kerala State Development Corp. for Christian Converts from SC & RC Limited

76. The Kerala State Development Corporation for SC & ST Limited

77. The Kerala State Handicapped Persons’ Welfare Corporation Limited

78. Kerala State Palmyrah Products Dev. & Workers’ Welfare Corporation Limited

79. Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Limited

80. Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited

81. Kerala State Ex-servicemen Development & Rehabilitation Corporation

82. NORKA Roots

83. Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Limited

84. Kerala State Maritime Development Corporation Limited

85. Kerala Shipping & Inland Navigation Corporation Limited

86. Kerala State Electricity Board Limited

87. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

88. Kerala Water Authority

89. Kerala State Housing Board

90. Overseas Development & Employment Promotion Consultants Limited

91. Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Kerala

92. Kerala State Minorities Development Finance Corporation Limited

93. Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities Limited

94. Vazhakulam Agro and Fruit Processing Company Limited

95. Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence

96. Vision Varkala Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited

97. Kerala Hitech Industries Limited

98. Kerala Soaps & Oils Limited

99. Kerala State Industrial Products Trading Corporation Limited

100. Keltron Crystals Limited

101. Keltron Magnetics Limited

102. Keltron Resistors Limited

103. Keltron Power Devices Limited

104. Keltron Rectifiers Limited

105. Trivandrum Spinning Mills Limited

106. Kerala State Salicylates & Chemicals Limited

107. The Metropolitan Engineering Company Limited

108. Keltron Counters Limited

109. Kerala Construction Components Limited

110. Scooters Kerala Limited

111. Kerala State Rural Development Board

112. Kerala Garments Limited

113. Kerala State Wood Industries Limited

114. Travancore Plywood Industries Limited

115. Kerala State Detergents & Chemicals Limited

116. Astral Watches Limited

117. Trivandrum Rubber Works Limited





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