Watery Eyes – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Such disease of the eye in which water comes out or falls from the eye, that is what we call tearful eye or watery eyes, in other words, excessive tearing from the eye is called ‘tearful eye’. Many people always have tears falling from their eyes.

Watery Eyes

Tears fall from the eyes when reading someone and someone else gets tears when riding a bike, but a more serious disease is the one in which the water keeps falling automatically, which is sometimes hot or sometimes cold.

Causes of watery eyes (tearful eyes) – There are many reasons for this disease. The details of which are given below.

  1. एलर्जी जनित दमा – (Allergic asthma)
  2. एलर्जी जनित पित्ती उच्छ्लना, सासं फूलना , BP घटना – (Anaphylaxis)
  3. आधा सिर दर्द – (Migraine headache)
  4. वायु विविर शोथ – (Sinusitis)
  5. चक्षुपटल का अलसर – (Corneal ulcer)
  6. असित पटल प्रदाह – (Uveitis)
  7. उपतारा प्रदाह – (iritis)
  8. रंजीत पटल प्रदाह – (Choroiditis)
  9. श्वेत पटल के बाहरी परत का शोथ – (Episcleritis)

Symptoms of watery eyes (tearful eyes)

  • Hot waterfall from the eye
  • Coldwater drop the eye
  • waterfall from eyes during the day
  • waterfall from eyes at night
  • watery eyes in the evening
  • waterfall from eyes when reading
  • watery eyes while riding a motorcycle
  • watery eyes during headache

Prevention of watery eyes (tearful eyes)

  • The food which increases the amount of water falling from the eye should be banned.
  • Sunshine, smoke, dust etc., which are allergic, should be avoided.
  • If there is an inflammatory or inflammatory disease in the eye as described above, then the eye should be protected by wearing glasses in the eye.
  • To prevent injury to the eye.
  • To avoid getting mosquito or worm in the eye.

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